Our Services


We have a coherent and experienced team with knowledge of project management and designing to ensure that we align the objectives of the projects with the strategic goals of our clients. In that way, we create value and we share our vision. When we undertake a project, we want it to meet the business needs, create a positive impact, share our company's vision and contribute to the desired result. This will bring real value to our client.


We collect and analyse the requirements of the project. In that way, we can identify the needs of all stakeholders, meet all business needs and achieve its strategic goals. We effectively communicate with all stakeholders and we have experience and technical expertise. This helps us understand perfectly the functional and non-functional requirements and convert them to technical specifications and system configuration. In that way, we achieve the desired result for everyone.


Technical design is a focal point in the development of the project. Utilising the expertise of our team, we fully understand the requirements of the project. We offer a detailed technical description with standards and templates that provide guidance and solutions. Our team can help clients develop and maintain successful apps and, at the same time, increase productivity and improve workflow.


Our strategic pillars • Our developers are highly trained and experienced in several technology platforms. • We grow by investing in young people. We train them on platforms and software development standards and tools. Our team combines the knowledge and experience our clients need for the design and the implementation of an IT project. At the development phase, our skilful developers can effectively implement what has been designed. The high-quality development we offer guarantees that the result will meet the required standards and especially the clients’ needs.


For the validation and testing phase, our expert analysts are next to the users to help them verify the new application. The project team is supported by experienced engineers with knowledge of organising and programming the verification process, managing the errors and checking the corrections in a new test cycle (support the project). They assure that the new app meets the requirements and the desirable quality level.


When everything is ready and verified, we are ready to enter the phase of deployment, which requires an experienced team. This team must know how to migrate the data from the old system (one or more) to the new one, install the software on the client's devices, organise and schedule the training of the users. Our experts have carried out a lot of data migration projects and know exactly how to export, transform and load the data from the source system(s) into the target one. We can fully support our clients and the working groups to make a smooth transition to the new system by adjusting the operating procedures to the new system(s), by organising and participating in the user’s training and by ensuring everything is in place from application modules and data to people. Prior the go-live and also after, during the initial period of operation.